With over 100 Million impressions, this campaign, the first of its kind summarizes the power of 360 degree campaign!

A 360 degree marketing campaign aims to reach customers at all possible points of contact. Putting together a successful campaign that focuses on all media channels can be tricky and challenging.

With the launch of ‘Celebrate the Breaks‘ KitKat set a benchmark for 360 degree marketing campaign in its industry. This high profile campaign of 2015, included TV and digital advertising with a huge media spend. Within eight weeks of the launch, the campaign reached 35 million people through TV ads and 40 million people through digital ads. The campaign connected all the mediums of communication by using the hashtag #mybreak. The brand teamed up with Google to deliver entertaining video content straight to consumers smartphones by speaking the phrase “Okay Google, YouTube my break” which gave them immediate access to Nestlé’s hand-picked playlist.

Apart from these tactics, in a first of its kind initiative, the campaign went ahead and moulded the hashtag on the actual KitKat bar ensuring that customers did not miss the campaign. To wrap up on a success note, KitKat unveiled 400+ different packaging designs featuring 72 types of breaks like Sporty Break, Lunch Break, Office Break, MeTime Break, YouTube Break, Social Break, Half Time Break etc offering customers an array of choices to select from.

The success behind this campaign was the well crafted strategy to reach consumers through all aspects of communication and touch points. The campaign also invested on Packaging & Design of the product itself. Completing a full circle of initiatives, this campaign sure did leave a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind!