What is a Blog Post?

Blog posts are articles that allow you to publish insights, thoughts, and stories on your website about any given topic. They aid in boosting website traffic, increase brand awareness, boost credibility, enhance conversions and of course, increase revenue.

4 common blog post formats are:

  • The “How-To” Post
  • The “List-Based” Post
  • The “What Is” Post
  • The “Infographic” Post

How do you write a Blog Post?

#1 Planning

The success of your blog post relies on your planning. First, “Choose a Topic”, a topic that your audience find value in reading, a topic your audience can relate to and a topic that is sure to generate interest in your business. Next, “Create an Outline” that breaks down the Introduction, Body and Conclusion of the blog post. Make sure that you create a good outline because if your post is not sequenced well, your readers may not want to read it. Do ample “Research” on your topic and gather as many “Facts” as possible, because an article that gets its facts wrong, is going to hamper your brand image.  

#2 Headline


You really have only 2–3 seconds to grab your user’s attention, convince them to click and actually read your blog post. That’s why your blog post title is crucial for the success of that article. Creating a headline is a science by itself because it is going to determine if your readers will actually read your article. There are two main approaches to writing a headline : You can either decide on the headline before you write your post, or you can write your blog post with a working title and see what fits when you’re done.

#3 Add sub-headings and have shorter paragraphs

Formatting is extremely vital to increase the readability of your blog post. There’s nothing worse than reading a blog post that’s just one giant paragraph. Most of the time people skim through the content before they actually decide to read it, so its recommended to break your article into sub-headings. Make sure your article is easy on the user’s eyes. Another quick tip is to use shorter paragraphs to help your readers work their way through your post.

#4 Add Images/Videos

Humans process visuals faster than text. Visuals have higher chances to generate interest and retain interest. That’s why adding captivating images can help boost your engagement. Its best to click your own images and add them, but if you are unable to add your own images then there are many sites that provide high-quality royalty free images such as Shutterstock.

#5 Add a Call-to-Action


Saving the best for the last! My last tip is add a clear call-to-action. Whether you urge your readers to share the blog post, or leave a comment, or download a resource material, or purchase a product or even follow you on social media, make sure you are clear in your request. Usually blog posts ask readers to share their post, but you can also ask them to make a purchase if you have an e-store. If your content is good, readers will be thrilled to share and if your product is awesome, people will be happy to make a purchase. But in order to get them to do either, you need to ask!

All set to Blog?

Blogging can help you build brand awareness, become a thought-leader and expert in your industry, attract qualified leads, and boost conversions. Follow the steps and tips covered above to begin publishing and enhancing your blog today. Also, do ‘Share’ the article!