A post-covid world has changed the way companies market their products and services. What is not so clear is how consumers will evolve and how marketing and sales departments should adapt to them. Here’s a personal reflection on few trends that may change the face of sales & marketing forever.

From Established Tactics to New Tactics

Traditional marketing tactics to generate leads are still valid, however, organizations will be more prone to invest on modern tactics where ROI is more easily measured (e.g., performance marketing). With a growing need to understand customers better and communicate in a way that they wish to be communicated with, newer marketing tactics will definitely see a rise.

From Traditional Research to Advanced Analytics

Traditional research techniques such as focus groups, surveys, ethnography, in-depth interviews, etc. are probably more important than ever, but, what about harnessing the power of analytics? In order to stay ahead of competition, gaining insight into your marketing & sales performance through powerful analytics will steer you in the direction of growth and increased revenue.

From an Established Channel Communication to Omni-Channel Strategies

As a result of COVID, the digital world saw extensive usage and engagement and it is here to stay. The adaption to digital technologies has never been so unanimous. With its nature of providing multiple channels of communications to its users, the digital world has surely become the undisputed king for communication tactics & strategies.

Rise of Technology Adaption and Agile Processes

The pandemic caught all of us so off-guard that, businesses and individuals are doing things they never thought they would do. Agile is no longer an option, but survival. At the same time, with a crunch in workforce across industries, the need to automate processes with extensive use of technology is the only way to have a healthy cash flow and sustain the business.

From Similar Backgrounds to Diverse Backgrounds

Marketing departments will now see a surge in bringing experts from multiple domains like content creators, data scientists, SEO/SEM experts, IT developers, agile consultants, etc. This is an opportunity for professionals young and old, who have to reinvent themselves and remain competitive in the marketplace.